It is precisely because of the desire to take a step towards the protection of such a sensitive system as the human structure that we created informed discs for the vitality and harmony of the physical body. We used the findings of modern technology, and through the use of knowledge of quantum physics, we have created a pendant - a disc that allows the user to maintain vitality and helps them with health problems. The discs are made of natural materials that are integrated into silicon.

Because it has three very important features:

  • Extremely high binding capacity. Water, bacteria, viruses, toxins and gases bind to it. Sufficient amount of silicon provides cells with a better water supply. This results in easier nutrient exchanges and better cellular metabolism process.
  • Silicon is a building block of collagen and elastane. Skin and connective tissue become more flexible. This is extremely important when prone to varicose veins, ankle sprains, tendon strains, and cellulite formation. Elastane and collagen are also extremely important building blocks of bone. With age, they get lost from the bones, resulting in osteoporosis and frequent fractures.
  • Silicon plays an important role in calcium transport. In fact, the human body needs silicon because the latter is a communication element. The effect of the disc was tested by dowsing practitioners and randomly selected people who had various health problems.

 With Vital Discs, you can take a shower, and also swim in the sea.

The Vital Disc still performs its function even if damage occurs. If necessary, you can also glue the disc together for further use.

To all persons who wish to improve their body balance.

It is preferable to wear the Vital Disc around the neck so that it rests in the thymus area. You can also wear it elsewhere on your body, but the performance of the disc proves most effective when worn around the neck.

The Vital Disc can only be cleaned with a damp cloth, but definitely not with detergents.

If wearing a Vital Disc does not interfere with your sleep pattern, you can also wear it during sleep.

The Vital Disc can also be worn in addition to other energy pendants.

In such case, we advise you to opt for one Vital Disc, namely our leading product the VITAL DISC-IMMUNE SYSTEM, and later on decide on purchasing additional discs.

You can easily wear your Vital Disc on your own necklace. It will only take a little imagination for us to put your Vital Disc on your beloved necklace.

The Vital Disc product is unique and has a lifespan of anywhere from 5 to 7 years, depending on each individual.


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