The story behind the VITAL DISC

It all started with a deep, heartfelt, sincere, and pure desire: to help, to change for the better. Desire gave birth to a vision. The vision spurred action. 

Thus, "real" people, ideas, knowledge, methods began to come to life. The result of more than seven-year long journey is the VITAL DISC. 

VITAL DISC was developed upon the findings of quantum physics and scientific truths according to which each organism has its own electromagnetic field. Each nucleus of an atom oscillates with its own frequency. Scientists in the field of physics and medicine have already "caught" the frequency of healthy cells, viruses, bacteria, parasites …

The field of an individual is able to react (and respond) to external influences, or some other electromagnetic fields that can affect it neutrally, beneficially, or even induce a “frequency storm” and thus primary field dysfunction. 

If an individual's body is in perfect balance, it has a strong ability to intercept and "suffocate" disharmonious waves of lower intensity. Poor eating habits, polluted water, pesticides in food, lack of sleep and exercise, exposure to electromagnetic smog, daily stress (which is increasingly difficult to manage), lead an individual to a state where their body (if looked upon as a generator of its own electromagnetic field) wanes. 

At first, they are not aware of this; they only feel the fatigue, which may increase over time. It sometimes takes years for a change that began as a disharmony in the electromagnetic field to manifest itself on the physical body as well (such as organ degeneration).

Science has advanced so much that today we can create generators of beneficial radiation, but the vast majority of these require knowledge of handling the generator, a constant power source, which makes the duration of exposure to beneficial waves short, while the price of these devices is high. 

With VITAL DISK, you simply put it around your neck. It is compact, simple, likable and affordable. After years of testing, we have found the ideal blend of materials that is capable of storing and even maintaining a frequency record imprinted with the most advanced technology for many years. Each VITAL DISC helps regulate a certain segment (depending on how it is "programmed").


Why silicon?

Silicon is the second most abundant element in the Earth's crust, right after oxygen. It represents ¼ of the earth's mass. So if we rely on the statement - "both above and below", then this means that silicon is the most important element in the body as well - right after oxygen and sodium. We need oxygen to live - breath is the basis for life, sodium affects the "chemism" in the body, and it requires silicon for binding. Silicon is crucial in the process of proteins being "embedded" in our body when they are broken down into smaller particles - amino acids. Without silicon, this binding process is not possible and this is the reason why we look older with age - because the body can no longer regenerate - also due to lack of silicon. After the age of 20, the human body can no longer produce silicon, so we must constantly get it in food or add it to our diet. That is why silicon is a key component of the "matrix basis" of the disc on which we "load" the selected information.