VITAL DISK - Immune system

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Raising resistance

The disc helps create an inhibitory environment for viruses and other pathogens.

When do we recommend the use of VITAL DISK - IMMUNE SYSTEM:

Are you in constant contact with other people? Are you exposed to stress on a daily basis, and you feel that your immune system is not responding properly, and you wish to balance it out?

This package contains:

  • gift box
  • disc on a string
  • instructions manual

Product advantages:

  • More energy.
  • Feeling of inner calm.
  • Feeling of a better response to stressors.
  • Better resistance to viruses.

The immune system is one of the body's defense mechanisms that protect the body from foreign and harmful substances in the environment, and from diseases. It protects us from infectious pathogens - viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi, and prevents a number of other diseases, including, to some extent, cancer. Any energetic deviation from harmony manifests itself on the physical level as a "disease." And each disease has its own frequency - vibration. High vibration keeps the body in balance and as a result, the immune system is strong. vibracijo. Visoka vibracija ohranja telo v ravnovesju in posledično je imunski sistem močan.

In viral diseases, such as the flu and the common cold, as well as the new coronavirus disease, we need to rely on our immune system to overcome the disease successfully and in as short a time as possible. Thus, medications can help alleviate the symptoms of the mentioned diseases, but they will not have much effect on the course of the disease itself. How strong and for how long the virus will put us to bed, therefore, depends mainly on how well we maintain our health and with it our immune system. This is where the disc plays a role in helping to maintain optimal vitality and harmony of your immune system, as vibrations are built in it to help the immune system function optimally. The immune system is also weakened by the harmful effects of the environment, and excessive and repetitive psychological burdens. The disc also helps maintain the stability of emotional and mental immunity, that help you maintain a balance between emotional responses to your thoughts and thoughts coming from the environment. Emotions, such as fear or anger, along with our immune system, have a mission to protect our boundaries. Both emotions have an extremely low vibration, thus depleting the body. When we suppress such emotions, we also suppress the natural immune response. In some people, such defense mechanisms have the exact opposite effect than desired, as they destroy the body instead of protecting it.

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VITAL DISC VITAL DISK is a round plate, 26 mm in diameter, with an engraved print, which is mounted on a string so that it can be worn as a chain. It works best if you wear it in the thymus area (chest gland). When wearing the VITAL DISC, we recommend that you drink sufficient amounts of unsweetened fluids, eat a healthy diet, and incorporate exercise into your daily routine in accordance with the WHO guidelines and recommendations of your personal physician.

We recommend that you remove the disc before washing your face or taking a shower. If you find that you have too much energy during sleep because of the VITAL DISC you wear, then remove it before going to bed.


Clean the disc with a damp cloth. Do not clean it with hot water nor with detergents.


Risk of suffocation. Not suitable for consumption. Keep out of reach of children.


The disc is not suitable for treatment or prevention of mental disorders. It is not a substitute for prescribed treatment by your personal physician or a physician responsible for treating an individual’s illness or condition. In case of pain or other health problems, consult your physician for pain relief and suitable treatment.

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